From the November 2017 Good New Newsletter:

From the Pastor

This section will resume at a later date.



Meet the Pastoral Candidate

The Call Committee has invited candidate Reverend Arianna Arends to visit with us for your consideration as our new permanent pastor. Reverend Arends and her family will be in town Saturday, January 27 through Monday, January 29. A potluck meet and greet will take place on Sunday, January 28 following the worship service.

If you would like to bring a dish to pass, please see the signup sheet in the narthex.

Pastoral Call - Congregational Vote Feb. 4: There will  be a special congregational meeting following worship on Feb. 4th to vote on whether to extend a Pastoral Call to Pastor Arends.








Mark your calendars and plan to attend the


Annual Congregational


Budget Meeting




January 21, 2018


Following the worship service.


All voting members are urged to attend as we will be


voting on the 2018 proposed budget.


A light lunch will be provided.




Open with devotions


Approval of Minutes


State of the Church Report


Presentation of Proposed 2018 Budget: Tom Crick


Open Discussion of Budget


Vote on Budget


Adjourn with Lord’s Prayer

Worship Notes

Epiphany of Our Lord: January 6
Baptism of Our Lord and First Sunday of Epiphany:
January 7 at 10:30am worship.


Building and Maintenance

Recently I was involved in finding a contractor to have the loose roofing over the sanctuary evaluated. After getting a contractor to look at the roof I was given some disturbing news. The roof over the sanctuary has sustained wind damage. The entire roof over the sanctuary needs to be replaced. The contractor suggested we contact our insurance provider. After an inspection by the claims adjuster our claim was approved. This is the good news.

There will be some out of pocket expenses , deductible and depreciation etc. The other thing is, the repairs will have to what in till spring of 2018.

Cold weather and a real steep roof don't get along very well. Per the inspector and insurance adjuster and his contractor the roof is water tight and will survive until spring.

We are waiting for quotes from the contractor and the adjusters estimate.

If you have any questions give me a call or email.

I replaced the burnt out light bulbs in the sanctuary. The compact florescent bulbs that were used in the past are of course, unavailable now. The new bulbs in one fixture are all LED . They should last longer than the compact fluorescence and put out more light and are less expensive to use . As the compact florescent bulbs burn out I will be replacing them with LEDs. If you notice any burnt out bulbs throughout the building, please let me know and I will replace them as soon as possible. Thank you.



Christian Education

SUNDAY MORNINGS, 9:00 to 10:00 am

The adult Bible Study group led by Charlie Mutschler meets in the upstairs kitchenette.

A class for middle school students gathers in the “Sunday school room” downstairs, but may be found in other parts of the building on occasion.

Both adults and youth resume weekly meetings on January 7th.


1) The Feast of Epiphany, which comes on January 6th each year, celebrates what event in the life of Jesus? (To find out, read Matthew 2:1-12)

2) When did Martin Luther decide to translate the New Testament from Greek into a German dialect that every German could understand?

• While a young man studying to be a priest

• While staying at Wartburg castle, where he was hidden to escape the threat of execution for heresy

• During the last year of his life

(Look for the answer on page 159 in the book When Lightning Struck, located in our church library, or search online. One good source is

3) TRUE or FALSE: In 2017 the ELCA Fund for Leaders provided 40 full-tuition scholarships to students at ELCA seminaries. (You can find the answer on page 21 in the December issue of Living Lutheran magazine or online at


The Souper Bowl of Caring on Super Bowl Sunday, February 4th.

The Festival of Chocolate, a VBS fundraiser, February 13th.

Look and listen for more information about both of these events.


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